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Evernote makes paperless organization simple.

Do you feel like your digital devices should be more useful to your real life? Do you feel like you aren’t taking full advantage of the power in your pocket? Are you tired of all the random bits of paper in your purse and on your counter?

Evernote is the perfect place to begin using technology to make life run more smoothly.

  • Learn how to use Evernote for homemaking, managing the family, and homeschooling.
  • Move to a more paperless information storage routine to reduce the clutter.
  • See how technology can work for you, even if you aren’t techie yourself.

Join this 6-day Evernote challenge and grow confident and efficient in how you use the program!

Join this 6-day Evernote challenge and grow confident and efficient in how you use the program!

Designed for moms less comfortable using apps and digital solutions, this course will walk you through how to first set up Evernote in a clear and organized way, then teach you how to use it effectively and simply.

Evernote is easy to overcomplicate. But it can be a simple, powerful solution without fuss or complexity.

  • Short screencasts make it clear what to do.
  • Bulleted action items make is simple to follow along.
  • A low-key, humorous style makes it low-pressure and low-stress.
  • Helpful forum access to ask specific questions and brainstorm ideas with like-minded women.

I’ve been using Evernote for over 6 years and I’ve learned all the tips and tricks to make it a powerful tool in my home management arsenal. I use it for menu planning, holiday planning, homeschool lesson planning, homeschool record-keeping, receipt recording, and as a general information receptacle.

Evernote is so useful, but not the most intuitive program. Let me make it intuitive for you!

This email course will be free to join until April 20, after which date it will be unavailable until May 1, when it will be available as a paid mini-course.

Evernote Challenge: 6 Days to Paperless Organization
Evernote Challenge: 6 Days to Paperless Organization

6 bite-sized tutorials to get you started, set up, and smart in your use of Evernote. Written specifically for moms managing a household, who want to move more paperless, but don’t necessarily want to become tech-gurus. Simple, streamlined, straight-forward.

This mini-course is included as a premium bonus in Work the Plan.

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