Simplified Organization

organize your attitude



Organize Your Attitude #38 You know those days. Those terrible no good days where we just can’t seem to pull ourselves together, even after two (or three) cups of coffee. Sometimes we have to choose the right attitude before we feel it. If we wait for our feelings to lead the way, we’ll be left […]

Purge your closet.

Organize your attitude #37 What’s in your closet? Do you know? Is it a black hole? Sometimes, setting order to one small area helps us set order to our mindset and our attitudes. Our closets might not be publicly visible spaces, but they are personal spaces. Our closet, whether we like it or not, says […]

See your doctor.

Organize your attitude #36 My youngest child just turned 4. For the last 13 years, the primary medical attention I have received has been from a midwife. 

Sure, there’s been an occasional urgent care visit, but besides a midwife, I’ve not seen a primary care physician. As I was making routine well-child visits (all overdue) […]

Go to church.

Organize your attitude #35 I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD!” –Psalm 122:1 We’re not meant to do life alone. We’re not even meant to do life as a single family unit. We’re meant to live in community and fellowship with a body of believers, […]

Hug your kids.

Organize your attitude #34 Once upon a time, I had a somewhat embarrassing item on my daily checklist: Smile at each child. Eventually, I graduated to “Hug each child.” Yes, it was on my list that I had to actually check off, because I knew it was a good and necessary habit for a mom […]

Organize life with realistic expectations.

What happens when we organize something? It gets messed up. Inevitably. We catch up on the laundry, but more clothes hit the hamper within hours. We wash the dishes and clear the counters, then dinner is over and the kitchen is in ruins, with stacks of dirty dishes. We put the kids’ closets in order, […]

Ignore the mess.

Organize your attitude #33 Christmas is almost here. Kids are off school, excited, and doing what kids do best: creating messes. Add to that typical chaos all the extra stuff of Christmas – more sweets, new toys, wrapping paper, packaging – plus extra exuberance – and you have the makings of a real disaster. But […]

Make something.

Organize your attitude #32 At the end of the day, do you check out, flat and dull? After a full day of managing life and other people, do you have no oomph left? Make Something. After a long enough stretch of doing-doing-doing, we need to recharge, refill our minds and souls, and connect with others […]

Eat breakfast.

Organize your attitude #31 Do you stop to eat breakfast every morning? A cheerful disposition is not only mental. It is also physical. Our stomachs have a say in our attitude, and we would do well to not overlook that reality. We’re not above our bodies. When we are hungry, when our blood sugar drops […]

Get dressed.

Organize your attitude #29 How you dress affects your attitude. You know it’s true. Don’t fight it. If your shoes pinch your toes or your jeans cut into your tummy, it makes you cranky and irritable. If you stay in your pajamas, you miss out on the energy flow that comes from knowing you’re ready […]