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Choose the Right To-Do List for Your Personality Type

Have you ever tried keeping a to-do list and just not been able to stick with it enough to see a difference in your life? Are you constantly switching planners, always hoping for the one that will work for you but never seeming to find it? Have you tried copying a friend or a mentor’s […]

Have a menu plan.

Organize your attitude #30 Do you know one real downer that happens all too often? Not knowing what’s for dinner when 5pm rolls around. You know what I’m talking about. And, yes, it happens to me, too. Do you know one real awesome feeling? Knowing at breakfast time what’s for dinner, pulling the meat out […]

Keeping an Evernote daily to-do list

I’ve written before about the benefits of writing a daily to do list on an index card, but for several months I’ve experimented with using Evernote for my task list instead of a daily index card – just to see how going all digital would work out for me. I have gone back to writing […]

Planning That Matters

Planning isn’t just for certain personality types. You can adapt the principles to whatever situation or style you have – these 4 moms will share how they have done just that! Join us Tuesday, June 21st, at 1pm to hear 5 moms talk about the planning ideas and practices that have changed their lives the […]

Iterate your plans.

Organize Your Attitude #8 It’s paralyzed us all. Perfectionism. We wait to start moving forward with our plans because we aren’t sure if we’re doing it right. We aren’t sure they will work. We aren’t sure we like the colors we picked. We pull back and reformat the page or change the app we’re using. […]

One Quick Hack to Improve Your Plan

Write your plan the night before and supercharge your day. The day was over. The kids in bed, the house quiet. Time to sigh, breathe deep, and decide how to relax. I glanced down and I caught sight of my daily index card plan I’d made that morning. Ugh. I’d totally forgotten about it after […]

How to Write Meaningful Goals

Meaningful goals that align with our responsibilities rather than our wishful thinking are worth the time it takes to make them, review them, and work toward them. It’s a common scenario, at least for me. I am in a reflective mood, thinking about all the ways I’m a slacker, all the ways I’d like to […]

The difference between responsive & reactive (and how to apply that to your planning)

Responsive planning allows for both intentionality and serving the needs of others, whereas reactive living will drain you dry. I’ve read so many productivity books over the years that I’ve lost count. I enjoy those sorts of books, and I’ve tried and scrapped many methods over the years, perfecting my own system more and more […]

Google Calendar for Menu Planning

Google Calendar is a great online tool. Of course there is the obvious use for calendars, but you can also set up calendars to use as journals, menu plans, blog planning, birthday reminders, and even school calendars or schedules. I like to set up each of these as separate calendars so that they show up […]

Why you need a weekly time budget

Have you ever come upon the end of your week and wished you had just one more day. One more day would have been enough, we tell ourselves, to finish out our to do list for the week. Sounds similar to coming to the twenty-fifth of the month and wishing for just another hundred dollars […]