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I am all about insightful, practical solutions.

Mystie Winckler

It’s all too easy as a mom to get snowed under and lose sight of our purpose and our aim. When we go to look for answers, the first thing we look for is the quick fix and the weird old trick.

Once these options are exhausted, too many moms give up and just muddle along.

There is hope and there is another way. When we blend personal development with practical insights and a rock-solid commitment to love God with our minds and our lives, then we make lasting, deep-rooted change. Then we learn and grow, serving others better through that growth.

Learn more about the practical, insightful solutions I have for you, my fellow mom-in-the-trenches:

Art of Homeschooling

Build the habits & mindset of a confident, consistent homeschool mom. Audio, workbook, and text sections make the lessons practical and hard-hitting. Let’s cut to the chase and dig down deep to change our attitudes and approaches before we worry about the curriculum.

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