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SO026: Learn to Love What Must Be Done

Many of us are task-driven. We want to see things done, accomplished, finished. This is what the world tells us is productivity. However, our life at home is not the kind of world where things are often finished. You might check off “laundry” for the day, but before the day is out, there will be […]

SO025: A Brain Dump Strategy for Moms

Brain dumping is such a helpful strategy, especially for moms at home. When we start holding a lot of things in our heads, trying to remember them is going to stress us out. It might just be a low-level stress we don’t even recognize, but when we get the details out onto paper, we will […]

SO024: Write It Down, Right Away

When does the brilliant idea strike? When do you remember you’re desperately low on milk? It’s rarely when you’re actually sitting down, pen in hand, to make a relevant list. But if you don’t write it down right away, it’s gone. Hence, the need for ubiquitous capture. Ubiquitous capture is a term from David Allen’s […]

SO023: What to Do With Your Brain Dump Lists

So, you’ve done a thorough brain dump and you have sheets upon sheets of notes, tasks, and ideas. Before you start getting your brain dump into a trusted system, you need to have that trusted system set up – you need those places and lists before your brain dump items can go into them. To […]

SO022: An Effective Brain Dump

Whenever you feel overwhelmed or scattered, sit down and brain dump. First, pick a place to keep your notes; either a notebook or index cards or Evernote, whatever thing would be convenient for you and just easy to jot things down. It doesn’t have to be structured – it shouldn’t be structured. It’s just a […]

SO021: Tips for a Better Brain Dump

A complete and thorough brain dump is an integral part of both the Simplified Organization Self-Paced Course, and Work the Plan. Starting a brain dump list is the best strategy for combating the feelings of overwhelm and chaotic thoughts. It’s a quick get it out of your head and onto paper trick, not a structured […]

SO020: Start with a Brain Dump

As the holidays wind down, the crazy schedules should let up and let us catch our breath. But if we were whirling all month from thing to thing, trying to track presents and events and guests and extra baking and so much more, we feel more like crashing than catching anything. Write it all down […]

SO019: You Need Time to Reset Your Perspective

Survival mode is a reality sometimes, but we shouldn’t accept it as normal. Many of us live in survival mode for long stretches of time during different seasons of mothering. That’s simply part of the gig. However, too often I think we forget that there are other modes we can live in. We can fail […]

SO018: One Quick Hack to Improve Your Plan

Write your plan the night before and supercharge your day. The day was over. The kids in bed, the house quiet. Time to sigh, breathe deep, and decide how to relax. I glanced down and I caught sight of my daily index card plan I’d made that morning. Ugh. I’d totally forgotten about it after […]

SO017: Review Required Every Evening

After working to make morning review a habit, I thought I was good to go. Indeed, I was better to go.But putting a quick evening review practice into place has remarkably increased my effectiveness and my ability to carry out my plans. It’s like putting a bow on the day. In the morning, the review […]