SO033: Evernote for Daily To-Do Lists

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I’ve written before about the benefits of writing a daily to do list on an index card, but for several months I’ve experimented with using Evernote for my task list instead of a daily index card – just to see how going all digital would work out for me. I have gone back to writing out a short daily to-do note, but I learned a lot from my little experiment. Using Evernote for a daily to-do list and journal is … Read More

SO032: Evernote for Home Routines

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There is so much to keep track of at home. Where is the best place to keep track of daily and weekly routines? If you’re a paper planner, you might have a separate page in your planner, you might have your own weekly list you print, you might keep a list behind a page protector and reuse it or on a whiteboard where everyone can see it. But what if you’d rather not deal with paper? What if you prefer … Read More

SO030: Frustrated No Longer

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I set the timer for fifteen minutes. Surely in fifteen minutes, I thought, I can make a difference in this room. The room was mine. The mess was an assortment of laundry, books, accumulated junk, out-of-season kids’ clothes, and random bits. I knew there was no way I was going to finish cleaning the room in fifteen minutes, or even that day, but I had to make a start. Starting is the hardest part. Read the original post here: The … Read More

SO029: Realistic Expectations

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What happens when we organize something? It gets messed up. Inevitably. We catch up on the laundry, but more clothes hit the hamper within hours. We wash the dishes and clear the counters, then dinner is over and the kitchen is in ruins, with stacks of dirty dishes. We put the kids’ closets in order, but by the end of the week the neat stacks are in shambles. We put our own closets in order, but then comes a busy … Read More

SO028: How to Organize Your Attitude

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My new tagline is “organize your attitude,” because I think our own mindset as moms is crucial in our homes. Charlotte Mason said that fully 1/3 of our children’s curriculum is atmosphere, and though candles and art on the wall are nice touches, I believe that it is our own attitudes as we go about our business that creates the atmosphere our kids grow up in. Mom sets the tone, whether we like it or not. We must organize our … Read More

SO027: Dreaming of Perfect Systems

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I do not have a system that will make life easy, because that’s not the goal in life. God’s goal for our lives is our sanctification. That’s not an easy road. But it is a good one. And if our eyes and our aims are fixed on growth rather than checkmarks, on building rather than on success, then our attitudes will be aligned with reality, the reality that God doesn’t let us control our outcomes. But He does call us … Read More

SO026: Learn to Love What Must Be Done

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Many of us are task-driven. We want to see things done, accomplished, finished. This is what the world tells us is productivity. However, our life at home is not the kind of world where things are often finished. You might check off “laundry” for the day, but before the day is out, there will be more dirty laundry in the hamper. You might check off “make dinner,” but dinner will have to be made again tomorrow. Not only that, but … Read More

SO025: A Brain Dump Strategy for Moms

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Brain dumping is such a helpful strategy, especially for moms at home. When we start holding a lot of things in our heads, trying to remember them is going to stress us out. It might just be a low-level stress we don’t even recognize, but when we get the details out onto paper, we will recognize the relief. So then, when you have that Brain Dump, especially that first BIG crazy spill onto paper, then what do you do with … Read More

SO024: Write it down, right away.

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You won’t remember – don’t try. When does the brilliant idea strike? When do you remember you’re desperately low on milk? It’s rarely when you’re actually sitting down, pen in hand, to make a relevant list. But if you don’t write it down right away, it’s gone. Hence, the need for ubiquitous capture. Ubiquitous capture is a term from David Allen’s Getting Things Done that basically means you should always have a way to write down, right away, any information … Read More

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