SO049: Menu Planning for Each Personality Type

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Season 8: Grocery Shopping Tips There’s more than one way to menu plan, and your personality will predict which one is most likely to work for you. So let’s break it down and see why that is and what might work for you that doesn’t work for me or your best friend – and why! Read the original post here: The Best Menu Planning Method for Each Personality Type

SO048: How Often Should You Grocery Shop?

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Season 8: Grocery Shopping Tips Many factors go into the decision about how often you should grocery shop. But it will simplify life and greatly decrease the mental energy and stress involved if it is a decision rather than a haphazard, “Ack, we need milk today!” affair. There are three most common options: shopping weekly, every other week, and monthly. As always, there are advantages and disadvantages to each. Many families are likely to choose some combination of these strategies. … Read More

SO047: Plan All the Meals

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Season 8: Grocery Shopping I know it seems overwhelming. I know even just planning dinner sometimes seems overwhelming. But, seriously, who wants to wake up and decide in the pre-coffee fog what to feed the troops for breakfast? It has to be decided ahead of time. Read the original post here: You need to plan ALL THE MEALS

SO046: Taking Kids to the Grocery Store

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Season 8: Grocery Shopping I think taking the kids with me on my grocery excursions is a valuable thing to do. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t exhausting. But, my kids are homeschooled, and they do need to get out just as much as I do. Plus, they are homeschooled, so they think going to the grocery store is a grand day out. Plus, I am a homeschooler, so I think it counts as a field trip and “real life … Read More

SO045: Grocery Store Tips

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Season 8: Grocery Shopping How many grocery store trips feel like a random grab-bag and confused wandering? It happens to us all, but if feeding our people and keeping the shelves stocked is an important part of our service – and it is – then we need some better strategies for making the most of our grocery trips. We want to minimize the time they take, the brain power they require, and the mistakes and oversights we make. Here are … Read More

SO044: How We Fit in Grocery Shopping

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Season 8: Grocery Shopping Tips We’re doing something new this season. We’re going to be starting off each season with a FAQ episode about the season’s topic. This season is going to be about grocery shopping so I’m here with Virginia Lee Rogers who is helping me with customer support for Simplified Organization and we are going to talk about how to fit grocery shopping into our busy schedules. Transcript Mystie: So, hello, Virginia Lee. Virginia Lee: Hi, Mystie, thanks … Read More

SO043: Focused Habits

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Season 7: Habits We are often encouraged to set SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound. It sounds great, and those goals do have a place. But when much of our lives is about developing people (ourselves and our children), we can’t put ourselves or others into such neat little boxes. We must treat people as people instead of as projects. So for many of our hopes for the future, we’d do better to focus on our processes – what … Read More

SO042: Productive Habits

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Season 7: Habits What does being productive even mean? It’s not simply getting more done, but getting the right things done, done well, and done cheerfully. Whether or not you want to do more in 2016, I bet you want to do what you do better – whether that means more consistently, more joyfully, or more skillfully. Me, too. Just because I write about productivity and organization doesn’t mean I have it all together. It just means I’m always paying … Read More

SO041: Start with Habits

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Season 7: Habits Rather than grandiose goals for a new year, we should be focusing on small habits that we can build upon. These new year habits continue giving, because they become automatic. So we can gain their benefit without expending much energy to do so. A habit is an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. Read the original post here: Start New Year Well: Keystone Habits Recommended Reading

SO040: The Habit of Making My Bed

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Season 7: Habits Why make my bed? It is not so much the made bed itself that is the goal, but the “easy win” factor. By making my bed in the morning I set the tone for the day. It is a victory of willpower (because I’m pathetic and require willpower to make my bed) that doesn’t tax my willpower much (not, like, breaking a habit of eating chocolate in the evening – for a purely theoretical example). Walking in … Read More

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