Have a grocery route.

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Organize your attitude #42 We need to feed people, one way or another. Often the part that really crimps our style and our attitude is the grocery shopping component. Sales? Freshness? List? Menu plan? So many considerations are at play while we make a million decisions with every step along the aisle. Grocery shopping is something that must be done, but would be better done efficiently and as infrequently as we can manage. A little upfront thinking and stratagems can … Read More

The Best Menu Planning Method for Each Personality Type

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Ok, I just can’t get enough, and I hope you can’t, either. There’s more than one way to menu plan, and your personality will predict which one is most likely to work for you. So let’s break it down and see why that is and what might work for you that doesn’t work for me or your best friend – and why! Menu Planning for ISTJ & ESTJ Types ISTJs & ESTJs function best with introverted sensing and extroverted thinking. … Read More

5 Grocery Store Tips

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Ack! No milk! Off to the grocery store! Was there something else you needed? There was, wasn’t there? What was it?

 Oh, look, this is on sale. That isn’t, but I think I need some. Might as well wander down this aisle to shortcut to the other side. Oops – walked straight past the pasta, and we definitely need some of that. How many grocery store trips feel like a random grab-bag and confused wandering? It happens to us all, … Read More

Recipe: Pizza Flatbread – Easy Kid Lunch

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Lunches always baffle me. It seems like it should be so easy, but I’m often stumped. Leftovers are nice, since we’re home for lunch, but we only have leftovers about half the time. So, often, we fall back on the kids’ favorite that they can make themselves: cheese melted on chips and sliced apple. Last week, however, we were going to be out for a picnic lunch with friends, and I was going to make pizza for dinner. An idea … Read More

8 Ideas for Making Family Dinners Happen

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by Christia Colquitt The value of family dinners is not a secret. We have seen the statistics. We know that it is important to sit down and eat dinner together on a regular basis. But still, today an average dinnertime is less than 12 minutes. Sixty years ago, it was 90 minutes! It is said that kids and teens who share family dinners at least 3 times a week: Are less likely to be overweight Are more likely to eat … Read More

3 Easy Steps to Meal Planning for Busy Moms

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By LaToya Edwards I have this problem: my children like to eat. I mean 4 or 5 times a day they are asking for a meal or a snack. I bet you have the same problem at your house. As a new mom I really struggled with getting meals planned, bought and cooked each day. I remember trying every single method of planning and prepping that I read about. I was so overwhelmed that I just didn’t know what to … Read More

When no one wants to make dinner…

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By Karen Dubarry It’s 5:00 PM. You’re tired. The kids are cranky. Everyone is starving. There’s no dinner on the table. What now? I’ve been there. Despite my best intentions to plan every meal and to use my crockpot as often as possible, there are evenings when I’m not sure what’s for supper and I really don’t feel like cooking. What’s a busy family to do when no one feels like making supper? Repurpose Leftovers Here’s a hint about leftovers: … Read More

Fried Rice Family Dinner, a home cooking “recipe”

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The fridge is full of bits and pieces of leftover meals from the week, but no one is excited about eating a meal of leftovers – especially when there’s not enough of one thing to go around. Let’s remake it into an entire new meal that seems fresh and new, instead of leftover buffet! That’s what fried rice, a recipe in Simplified Dinners, is best for! Simple, homemade fried rice will remake leftovers into a great all-in-one family dinner. Here’s … Read More

Meals are for connecting: 5 ways to build relationships in the kitchen

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by Christia Colquitt Have you ever read something that completely changed your mindset? The kind where you could not get it off your mind until you did something about it. I remember the day well that my mindset completely changed. The book Hands Free Mama had been tucked away in my closet for over a year before I gathered up the courage to open it. Why? I was terrified. I was afraid to go Hands Free. I knew my life … Read More

3 Secrets that Will Make Your Canning Day a Success

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My husband still remembers being sardined into his mom’s minivan between his brother and sister, the backseat folded down and piled high with fruit and vegetables from Eastern Washington. The orchard-fresh, abundant goodness made the trip over the mountains more than worthwhile. The heavenly smell of ripening peaches filled the air as they drove, and the kids all had bellyaches by the time they got home from eating so much fruit. His mom would spend the following weekend canning all … Read More

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