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What’s the difference between a plan that works and a plan that frustrates?

I think we’ve all experienced the confusion and frustration of trying to get our lives organized and under control, but feeling like we’re missing a piece somewhere. I personally can’t stand feeling that way, so I set out to determine what the essential pieces were and how I’d handle them. Then if it didn’t work, […]

My kitchen command center upgrade

Setting up a command center in or near your kitchen as a hub for important papers and supplies is one organizing step with the Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done self-paced course. I set mine up inside a kitchen cupboard from the day we moved into this house 6 years ago. I […]

Why we keep trying to get organized.

How many times have you tried to organize your home or your life? I’ve lost count, myself. Most of us get the urge, the nagging feeling that we should be doing this better, we should be organized, we should be on top of our circumstances. Where does this feeling come from? There have been times […]

How do you organize Evernote stacks? | Saturday Q&A

So, there’s no doubt that I love Evernote. I’ve been writing a long series about homeschooling with Evernote, I include tips and strategies for using Evernote for home management in Paperless Home Organization, and Evernote is simply my external brain. Everyone should have an external brain of one sort or another, and Evernote is mine. […]

Get Organized: Clear the Decks!

When we want to organize the house, organize our schedules, organize our lives, where should we even begin?! Begin where you are, not where you wish you were. Whether we’re talking about life goals or housekeeping goals, we can’t begin where we want to be. We can’t decide on our ideals, write out a system, […]

How to Get Organized

Many of us this summer have the goal to “get everything organized” while we have nice weather, more free time, and a looser schedule. However, unless we begin with our heads and our hearts rather than our closets, our efforts will likely be doomed. Before we can work toward “organized,” we have to know what […]

Is it easy to scan to Evernote? | Saturday Q&A

Because you asked… When you scan things to Evernote, is this time consuming? Do you scan it to a PDF file and attach the file? I’d be very curious as to what this process looks like for you. I tried with a manual the other day and it seemed to take forever, and I had […]

Evernote for Homemaking Plans

Over at Simply Convivial I’m in the thick of a series about using Evernote for homeschooling, and I thought I’d make a companion post here at Simplified Organization about household records and plans with Evernote. Evernote is awesome. It is my digital filing cabinet. Instead of lugging around a heavy binder, or filing reams of […]

What to do with your brain dump list

So, you’ve done a thorough brain dump and you have sheets upon sheets of notes, tasks, and ideas. If you still haven’t completed a thorough brain dump or you aren’t sure what that means, check out my free emails that will walk you through a bunch of brain dump triggers to get all the stuff […]

Top Ten Gift Ideas for Organization Junkies

Putting together Christmas shopping lists? Are your family members asking you what you want for Christmas? Here are my top ten gift recommendations for the organization junkie in your life. And, if you are the organization junkie, here are some ideas to populate your own list! And if you need still more, I also have […]

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