Functional Housecleaning, Not Sensational Housecleaning

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She stood in the kitchen. Dinner was over, and the evidence of this fact was everywhere she turned. Dishes Messy counters Dirty table Sticky floor Food to put away still out Where to even begin? It felt overwhelming. Could it wait until tomorrow? When could she say she was done? How soon could she put her feet up at the end of the day? Did the kitchen have to be sparkling clean before bedtime or could she walk away when … Read More

When other people mess up your organization

If there are kids in your house, you know the feeling. There is a certain chest-tightening that happens when you find the toddler has pulled out all the folded towels, or when the preschooler has left a soapy trail of toilet paper and water from the bathroom to the kitchen. Then there’s the headache when the noise and activity level is so crazy that there’s no way you can focus on finding homes for all the piles of random things. … Read More

How Can I Take a Sabbath? Surviving a Day of Rest as Mom.

Really, it’s pretty amusing when you step back and think about it. Here we are, mothers of bustling families, running around like crazies all week, wishing for time off or a day out, and griping in our own heads about the amount of work there is to do. Sunday comes, the 10 Commandments are read, and we think, “Well, God didn’t actually mean one of those. There’s no way I can take a day off.” Sure enough, the thing you … Read More

How to Build a Housework Framework

Everything has a framework, whether it’s conscious or not. The government’s framework is the Constitution. Our education’s framework is made of our core principles. A computer software framework is the basic functionality before the frills and features. And our housework needs a framework just as much as anything else we do or use. We need to have an underlying structure that gives shape to our days and support to our sanity. Without a framework, we’re sloppy, floppy, and choppy. We … Read More

3 Ways to Make Hospitality a Habit

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So, we know that our home is for hospitality, but it seems so hard – it’s extra, and we have no room for extra. The one thing that makes hospitality so difficult is that we are out of practice. It is easy to slip into selfish patterns: doing what needs to be done on our own agendas, taking a break, keeping to ourselves and our own thoughts. Instead, we need to practice the habit of hospitality. The habit of hospitality … Read More

Why Kids Need Chores

Do your kids have chores? Do they do more than clean up their own rooms and their own messes? Are you preparing them in both habit and mindset to be helpers? I think it is healthy for children to have daily chores so that they are accustomed to the routine upkeep life requires and so that they mature in responsibility and skill apart from academic work. Daily chores give children a leg-up in life in three key ways. Kids Need … Read More

Home is for Hospitality

I heaved a heavy sigh. A quick glance around the living room showed that children had been here. Books stacked haphazardly on the shelves and side table, papers peeping from under the couch, toys strewn – life had here been lived. A move into the kitchen didn’t help. Dishes. Crumbs. Smears on the fridge and stovetop. So much to do. And it’s not just that it needed to be done. The real discouragement was that even if I did do … Read More

Friday Four

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1. Organizing One of my Instagrams sparked quite a bit of idea-generating, so I thought it’d be a good one to call out here. The question is: What to do with all those cups?! Possible solutions to the “too many cups out!” issue: washi tape + names written color-coded washi tape alone water bottles individual unique mugs rubber bands or drink bands colored cups We did the color-coded waterbottle thing for awhile: it worked well except when 2 people broke … Read More

One Word for 2017

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You might think that because I have a whole system for life management laid out, I have it all together. But it’s not true. I get distracted. I get off track. I try flying by the seat of pants. Then I crash and burn. That’s why I’m just as excited as everyone else for the New Year New Attitude Consistency Crew. And that’s why I’ve chosen a very particular word to focus my attention and efforts this year: Reliable My … Read More

Friday Five: goals, menus, & books

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1. Goal Setting Are you making goals for 2017? Here are some helpful articles I’ve written in the past to help you focus on what matters in 2017: 5 Habits for a More Productive Year Start the Year Well: Keystone Habits Make goals that fit your reality. Or maybe you’re tired of setting goals and forgetting about them by February? Do you want to get a grip and start making progress in your home and your approach to life but … Read More

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