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Keeping an Evernote daily to-do list

I’ve written before about the benefits of writing a daily to do list on an index card, but for several months I’ve experimented with using Evernote for my task list instead of a daily index card – just to see how going all digital would work out for me. I have gone back to writing […]

Create an island of sanity.

Organize your attitude #12 It’s pretty much inevitable. With a busy, active family, the stuff will quickly move from their designated homes and fill the clear horizontal spaces. How can we handle this in the middle of an average day while keeping our calm and still caring about how we keep our homes? We must […]

From email insanity to email savvy

Yes, even you. We all get so much email. Spam, scam, solicited, unsolicited – our inboxes flood in an overwhelming deluge every day. We can’t simply bury our heads in the sand and wish it all away. We have to take the reins, learn the tricks, and manage our email. Email is a necessity of […]

How to use Trello to track Christmas gifts

Trello is a different sort of task management app. It is sort of like having multiple bulletin boards in a row with tasks on sticky notes that you move around between boards. You can name the boards whatever you want, add items to a board, and then drag those tasks around to whichever board you […]

What’s the difference between a plan that works and a plan that frustrates?

I think we’ve all experienced the confusion and frustration of trying to get our lives organized and under control, but feeling like we’re missing a piece somewhere. I personally can’t stand feeling that way, so I set out to determine what the essential pieces were and how I’d handle them. Then if it didn’t work, […]

Planning methods, questions, bonus videos, and more!

Thank you so much to those who were able to be part of the live Paper v. Digital Planning Methods webinar and who kept the conversation flowing! It was fun to read back over the whole chat box log after the webinar! It’s funny, but as I was putting together the paper planning track of […]

Simplified Organization Video Tutorial: Digital Homeschool Portfolios

Hi I’m Pam. I’m cook, chauffeur, teacher, sometimes house cleaner, and main boo boo kisser. At Everyday Snapshots I strive to help you be the best homeschool mom you can be.   Ah, May! The time when homeschool moms’ minds turn to summer and a break from homeschooling. For most of us, though, it is […]

Simplified Organization Video Tutorial: Best Collaboration Apps

As you can tell from today’s hangout, collaboration and apps are two topics that Mystie and I love to chat about. Apps are the modern-day village well for moms who have chosen to stay at and work from home. Alone in the burbs, we can use tools like Facebook, Voxer, and Google to connect, complete […]

Paperless Planning Tip: Saving PDFs straight to Evernote

There are numerous blogs and pins out there with pictures of beautiful paper organization systems. Certainly a paper-based binder can be prettier than digital version – for some people. None of the paper systems I ever put together looked half so nice as pictures online. What the digital version lacks in cuteness, however, it makes […]

Make a Digital Home Management Binder

It’s a simple fact: We need to track the details of running our households in order to maintain sanity and reliability. Our job isn’t to impress others, but it is to serve others, and we can do that better when we have a grip on the details involved in doing so. A home management binder […]