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Organization is about your mindset, not your closets. No matter how tidy we keep our stuff, we’ll still have to work to intentionally choose to do the right next thing. This podcast features quick tips and meaty bites that will help moms of all kinds focus on what’s actually important – sometimes that’s cleaning the house, and sometimes it isn’t.

Organize your attitude by learning to love what must be done.

Season 3: Review Required

Download your own weekly review cheat sheet.

Season 2: Motivation to Clean

Are you often frustrated with the repetitive nature of housework?

Do you wonder if it’s even worth your time at all?

Do you get angry when your work is immediately undone by your little ones?

Then this is for you.


Rejoicing in Repetition

Change your mind and your attitude about repetitive work at home. It doesn’t have to be tedious and frustrating. There is joy hiding within the mundane. MP3 + pdf versions included.

Price: $5.99
Price: $3.00



Where do the hours go? When will you follow-through with your plans?

Figure it out with this straight-forward exercise. Get the free weekly time budget template.

Season 1: Interval Planning

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The Simplified Organization Audio Blog! Organize your attitude.

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